All existing communication and collaboration tools display messages chronologically and in a linear way making a context fragmented and difficult to comprehend.

Rizzoma allows communication within a certain context permitting a chat to instantly become a document where topics of a discussion organized into branches of mind-map diagram and minor details are collapsed to avoid distraction.

Live Wiki

Collaborative power arises from a group's communication, but gathering important information from emails, chats and discussion threads to a corporate wiki system can be frustrating.

By using threaded communication in Rizzoma you can consolidate new information right in the context.

Agile Projects

Unlike project management or task management services requiring role specification, access rights and document flow rules, Rizzoma, with no special business rules and access restrictions, suits flexible agile teams with irregular decision making and allows every team member to edit a message or manage a project.

and Research

Communication and knowledge sharing are call of the times for contemporary education and research.

Read how Rizzoma suits it.

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Easy Sharing

Choose how to share: add people using email, send
ShareLink via Skype or make a document public.

Real-time Editing

Yes you can edit one message together at the same time.
For make it possible we implemented very powerful
technology — operation transformation.

@mentions in Documents

Do you like that easy option on Twitter to address messages with "@"? It works the same way!

Search Everywhere

Quickly navigate through content with a full text, morphologic and multi-language search.

Comment Any Word

Ask a question in any place of a document and draw attention to it using @mention.

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Mindmap View

Structure information and visualize ideas by switching to mind map view. What's more, you can easily rearrange topics by using drag & drop.

Tasks in Context

Assign tasks in any place of the document and synchronize them with your Google Calendar.

History Playback

New participants can understand how discussion developed by playing document history just as if it was a movie! You can look through history of an entire discussion or a single message.

Gadget Support

Rizzoma will support opensocial gadgets just as Google Wave did! Simply install any of the numerous useful gadgets, such as polls, diagrams, drawings, etc. and you are ready to go.

Tags and Simple Semantics

We believe that the Web will soon become the Semantic Web and here at Rizzoma we are already going this way. Now we have @mentions, soon it will be hashtags and API for data analyses.

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