Communication and documents

How to avoid the overrun of human resourcers on gathering important data from emails and chats to a company wiki?

First, move it to an online wiki space. Second, use the collaborative power of your team communication to keep it alive. Allow every teammate to comment and edit any place of the wiki document in realtime. Update it at once after discussion.

Communication and content in one space (wiki+email)

Leave comments, ask questions and reply in an appropriate place of your business wiki document. You will see that it's much better for team to keep the context of the project in online wiki space.

You'll soon notice that this wiki based collaboration service allows you to create comprehensive documentation on a subject or a project. Use @mentions feature to notificate the person you need via email. Update your wiki together in realtime!

Simultaneous document editing

Edit and update your company wiki simultaneously. Don't worry about saving changes anymore because the text is saving automatically.

Zooming interface

Use show/hide replies buttons to expand or collapse your branches of discussion in your wiki space. Zoom clarify content as deep level of detail as you need.

Easy work with structured documents

All documents in Rizzoma wiki space are tree-structured. Rearrange branches of discussion as easy as you press copypast shortcuts.

Switch to Mindmap mode to overview the structure of your knowledge. Drag & drop branches to work this way.

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