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How to create a new document?

Click the New button to create a new document. Wizard tool will help you to create a topic name, add participants and sync your your Google contacts with Rizzoma using one form.

To create a new topic without Wizard tick the box Don't Show Wizard in the bottom of the form and click the New button again. The new topic will creates with you as a single author (and owner).

Type a topic name on top of the document and it will be shown in bold.

Who can see a created document?

All new documents (Topics) are private by default and only added participants can see them. Use the sharing Settings button to make it public or available to anyone with a link.

How to add new participants?

Click Add Users button and enter email to invite new participant. Everyone who joined the discussion can see what others type.

How to edit and save a document? / who can edit my text?

Participants are editors, commenters and readers.

Commenter can leave a comment anywhere, but can't change other's messages as editors can. And the "reader" speaks for itself.

All updates are saving automatically. If you lose the connection you can continue typing, but the changes will be saved when connection is restored and "Synchronizing" message goes away.

Highlighting the cursors and recent changes is coming soon.

How to protect a document from changes?

Share it with others only as a readers or commenters. Or don't share it.

How to comment / leave a new message?

There are two ways to do it. First one is to leave an Inserted Reply. Place your cursor where you want to add a comment and click Insert Reply button or just press Ctrl+Enter.

The second is a simple Reply. Click the message you want to reply and press Reply button on its bottom.

Your reply will appear just under that message.

Can I use cut / copy / paste if I want to move text that includes replies?

Yes, simply select the text and comments you need to move and use Ctrl+X/C/V shortcuts.

How to attach images and other files?

To attach a file to a message use Insert Image/Attachment buttons. The upload limit is 50 Mb per user. All files are safely stored by Amazon S3 Storage Service. To increase storage, please contact us. You can also use any third-party file storage and attach your files to Rizzoma with URL.

Details of uploading for Mac and PC.

How to delete a document?

In fact there are many different perception what Delete function could mean. We also know that different people ask about different features i.e: archive, unfollow, complete deleting of data. On the other hand there is group that owned by one topic. Imagine that one guy want to delete it completely and another one don't. This also should be regulated. And here is access management. So such a big system.

And after all there are several different thing about information removing.

Here are pictures with explanation the way it works:

  • You know if you don't like to see it in feed

    So you can use Unfollowed list as a Trash.

  • Remove yourself from topic

  • Remove all participants and completely delete topic

    There are two possibilities:

    • If this topic is private - complete removal. Our robot regulary walk arond the database and erase data. So if you need this way just be ensured that topic is private before you delete it.
    • If this topic is shared by link probably there are links to the topic from other sites or documents. When someone clicks the link he becomes a single participant. If there are no links to the topic nobody can get access to it. This is because link include security key.

Activity Stream

Can I minimize Activity panel?

Activity stream panel consits of list of topics, mentions, tasks and public topics. To minimize Activity panel just click on the tab of the active list (it's Topics list on the picture). You can adjust its width by dragging the resizer marked red box.

How can I share my topic?

There are two ways to share a topic:

  • by sending an invitation via email (Add Users button)
  • by making a topic available to anyone with a link (Share button)

Userpics of the people who have joined the topic are shown on the top panel.

What are the Next buttons for?

Next means jump to the next unread message in the open topic. You can also use a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Space) for that.

How to see the changes since last visit or the history of changes?

This feature is being added at the moment. We'll add PlayBack and highlighting of the last changes.

How do I know if there are any updates?

The vertical progress bar next to the topic title in the Topic List shows the proportion of unread or changed messages. If the bar is white, there are no updates in the topic.

Can I send direct message to someone?

Use @mentions to draw someone's attention to your question or comment by email notification. New mentions are also appear in the Mentions list.

To send @mention simply type @ sign follow by a person's name or email.

Can I use Rizzoma as a task manager?

You can assign tasks in any place of a document. To assign a task choose an appropriate place in text, create a new message, describe a task, press Insert Task button (or use keyboard shortcut "~") and type a person's name or email.

By default Task list shows tasks assigned to you. To see tasks assigned by you switch between Inbox/Outbox.

Note: By design each task is accosiated with a content of a blip it is placed into, so it is reasonable to place not more than one task per blip (if assigned to a single user). Otherwise, the person this tasks are assigned to, will see only the first task in one's Task list.


How to find a topic?

By default Topic list shows only topics you follow. Switch between Followed / Unfollowed / All Topics to filter the search results.

If you search for several words at a time you will only be able to find topics containing all these words within one message.

How to find a particular message in a document?

To navigate within the document use the Hide/Show Replies buttons.

The Hide Replies button work for the message you focused while editing or by clicking it. Hide / Show button expands / minimizes all replies within the message.

The shortcuts are Shift+Ctrl+Up and Shift+Ctrl+Down.

You can also use search tool (Ctrl+F) of your web-browser to find a particular word in the document. This tool will only search within unfolded messages.

Can I get a link to particular message?

Use Copy Link button on top of the message.

How to use hashtags?

Hashtags make navigation between topics easier as it allows you to search for topics with a particular hashtag.

To create a new hashtag type # sign and create a describing word. Next time after typing # there will be a drop-down list offering already used hashtags.

My Profile

I used to log in with Google. Will I see my topics If I login with Facebook now?

If your Facebook account uses the same Gmail you have used to log in to Rizzoma previously, both accounts will be merged and all topics will be available. Otherwise, here you can learn how to merge you accounts manually. It's simple.

How to access my Google or Facebook contacts from Rizzoma?

There are two ways to sync your Google contacts:

1. Launch Wizard and press Google Contacts button

2. Press Add Users button and then Show my Google contact list here.

Currently you can not access your Facebook contacts from Rizzoma, but this feature is being added.

How to deny access to my Google contacts?

Visit the page with information about sites, apps, and services connected with you Google Account to remove Google access from Rizzoma.

Can I change my userpic?

Rizzoma shows a userpic from your Facebook or Google account that you use to login.