Communication and document in one place

Collaborative power comes from a group's communication, but gathering important information from emails, chat and discussion threads to a corporate wiki system can be frustrating.

In Rizzoma you can make comments in any place in a document, and move your new information right into the content.

Communication and content in one place (wiki+email)

Leave comments, ask questions and reply in an appropriate place in a document and you will see that it's much easier when your message is placed into the right context.

You'll soon notice that such wiki based discusions allow you to create comprehensive documentation on the subject or project. You can also use the @mention function in Rizzoma to draw others' attention to your questions via email notifications.

Simultaneous document editing

You can edit documents simultaneously with your colleagues and with our syncronization [real time] you will see all changes instantly. And, you don't need the save button anymore because the text is autosaved while you type.

Zooming interface

Use show/hide replies buttons to expand or collapse branches of discussion depending on what level of detail you need.

Easy work with structured documents

All documents in Rizzoma have tree structure which you can easily rearrange by copying and pasting branches of discussion. Switching to Mind Map mode will allow you to visualize structure of your document.

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